Add new life to Grandma's gravy boat with simple to grow succulents.  

We’re all about giving new purpose to beautiful old things. Just ask anyone who has discovered the UVO (Unique, Vintage + Original) line in our Mount Kisco, NY store.

One of our favorite projects is to plant a low maintenance dish garden in a forgotten piece of pottery or china. Look around, you probably have a few interesting vessels in deep storage that deserve a second life. We found this vintage McCoy planter in a unique citrine color, and planted it with no-fuss succulents for a charming oasis of greenery. 


Vintage Pottery Succulent Garden 

1 old ceramic container such as a casserole, teacup or crock (be creative!) 

1 or more succulent plants – go for symmetry or choose varied shapes

charcoal chips

cactus soil or regular potting soil mixed with sand

extra sand or pebbles

decorative rocks, driftwood pieces or moss (optional)


Start with a 1/2" layer of charcoal in your container to keep the soil sweet. If there’s a drainage hole, cover it with a small rock so the charcoal chips don’t  escape. Add cactus soil, arrange the succulents, and fill with more soil, leaving some room at the top.  

Finish with a thin layer of sand or pebbles to keep the succulent leaves off the surface of the soil. Decorate with pretty rocks, shells, driftwood pieces, moss, or a tiny figurine. Follow your dreams – now may be the time for that tiny glass unicorn to shine.

Since the potting soil is out and you've already gotten messy, why not mix up a dirty martini in our Enamel Shaker and serve it up in this Colorful Rimmed Glass to toast a job well done?

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