Who can resist eating al fresco?

There is something so appealing about fresh air, fresh food, and a beautiful table. It's a simple summer pleasure, whether you are grilling outside or simply eating there. But today's outdoor dining doesn't have to mean the plastic tablecloths and paper plates of our youth.

Melamine makers have taken their craft to the next level. The colors and designs demand that you touch them to be sure they aren't ceramic. And trust us when we tell you, most everyone looking at them in the store does just that. They add beauty and practicality to any table, but especially when outdoor dining.

And because no detail goes unattended on our table, we've even found adorable bottle covers (think of them as little t-shirts for your wine) that stop bottle sweat and wine drips with charm and wit.

A warm summer evening around a crisp outdoor-friendly table setting is meant to be shared. We would love to see how you are setting your outdoor summer table. Inspire us!

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