Your taste buds agree, presentation is everything. 

Everyone has a friend (maybe it's you) with an amazing collection of beautiful, functional platters and trays. If you love to entertain, you know how fun it is to whip out just the right oblong platter for salmon, or a perfectly zen bamboo tray for sushi. You may even have a platter circulating out in the world with your name on the bottom – left behind after a potluck dinner or borrowed by a platter-challenged friend. Platters are friendly that way, they travel from home to home, socializing much more than the those dinner plates in your cupboard. 

We're here to say that enhancing good food with a great platter is a pro move that anyone can master. The options are limitless, including varied shapes and endless colors. And don't get us started on the array of clever materials ... can you spot the  two ceramic and two melamine platters below? And the wood laminate and enameled steel ones? Are you sure? 

 Platters for every occasion

Chefs are schooled in the art of plating, or beautifully arranging a meal on your dinner dish. So why not get fancy and try plattering that bright green asparagus with lemon on an antiqued turquoise melamine platter? (That was a hint.) 

Artful plattering can elegantly elevate your next cocktail party or dinner buffet. When planning your menu, think about the shapes and color combinations of the serveware you will use. Set up your buffet in advance, placing a few dishes on pedestals, labeling what goes where, and getting out the right serving utensils.

Voila, you've taken your entertaining to the next level.


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