In our little shop, September is significant.  Colors turn autumnal, and we are busily preparing for the holiday season (I know, I know), but we also take this month to honor my partner in PORCH and dear friend, Suzanne Grant.   Her love, talents, enthusiasm and energy for her family, friends and her community were felt by so many and we were all so lucky to be in her orbit.  In addition to being a local business woman, Suzanne was a dedicated advocate for our local schools.  Her family started a foundation in her name, and they are working diligently on projects that will benefit all children in the Bedford Central School District.  

PORCH will donate 10% of all sales to The Suzanne Grant Foundation during the month of September.  If you would like to learn more about the foundation, or donate directly, head to

For those who come in, email or message us to share your special Suzanne stories - thank you.  We know you miss her as much we do.