As the cool weather returns it is time to consider the trends for the fall/holiday season.  We are in love with the cozy, chic mix of textures, saturated colors and hints of metallic.

Texture can add dimension and interest.  Look for woven baskets, slubby fabrics, soft throws, and smooth wood to add to your space this season. 

This season colors are bolder, warmer, richer and moodier.  Colors like rich navy and charcoal, muddy jewel tones and the hues of a sunset. In the shop you'll find hand-thrown red clay Moroccan glazed bowls trimmed in beaten Berber silver.  Each bowl is dried in the sun, fired in a 200 year-old kiln, and glazed in rich colors of cobalt blue, tomato red and teal green. A small, elegant way to add color to your kitchen, living room or side table. 

We love the drama a touch of metallic color can add. From pillows to linens to tabletop, you'll see touches of metallic everywhere this season.  Come in or browse the website to see how you can add one or all of these trends to your home.