When it comes to art, we think you should follow your heart. 

Don't you love walking into someone's home or apartment for the first time? You get to see what's important to them, where they've traveled, and what they put on their walls. Art, especially, is so often personal, sometimes including the work of children, local artists, family and friends. Unless you are a Collector (with a capital C), you can feel free to display what you like, mixing mediums and styles. After all, nobody is the boss of art. It's there to make you happy. 

At PORCH we love showcasing the work of local artists and craftspeople, and we always have an ebb and flow of wall art and handicrafts on offer in our Mount Kisco store. On exhibit through Friday, July 26, we're showing the work of three local artists, Cindy Sacks, Sally Franklin and Joanne Ponzo. Summery, domestic and tranquil, this small collection is worth a look.


This week's blog was inspired by a young woman who impressed us by walking into the shop and choosing an original oil painting in under five minutes -- because she liked it and because she wanted to support local artists. No drama, no intimidation. For the price of a really nice handbag, she has a beautiful painting forever.

We say, way to go. (Don't get us wrong, nice handbags are awesome too.)


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"By The Seashore" by Sally Franklin, "Tea Please" by Joanne Ponzo  and "Lanterns" by Cindy Saks. View the whole Midsummer Art Exhibit right here.

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